Do you know the variety of Wasps you could encounter?

I am pretty sure that you won’t be surprised if I tell you that getting stung by a wasp really hurts. I know, it has happened to me. My wife still laughs when she tells the story of me running into the shed shouting and slamming the door behind me. But what type of wasps are you likely to encounter in Australia?

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The Dangers of Removing Wasps from Residential and Commercial Properties

Wasps are troublemakers and an aggressive predator once removed from its nest and the cause of it could be you or anybody trying to play or disturb their home. Unlike bees, wasps can attack even when they are not disturbed, and you need to be wary of your surroundings when you are around them especially outdoors.

When wasps feel threatened they become more aggressive and have the tendency to attack right away, leaving their victims helpless.

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Commercial Warehouse Pest Control – Canning and Packaging Factories

We worry so much about pest infestation at home but our homes are not the only place where pests reside. It’s concerning to know pests make warehouses/factory a breeding site to lay eggs and multiply. Warehouses have grown larger than we have ever seen some before and the larger the area the greater the chances for pests to hide and destroy a thing or a property.

This is the main reason why Patterson Pest Control offers commercial pest control services to factory and warehouses specifically canning and packaging factories; this is one of the places pests love to habitat in, as they can smell food, and have shelter.

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Habitat of Rats / Mice

There are a number of rodent species out there, but rats and mice top the list as two of the most visible rodents at home. They crawl around your house any time of day; they carry bacteria and illnesses that are harmful to the health. These rodents lurk secretly in the dark or anything that they have access to such as small holes, pipes and other possible entry points.

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Spider Extermination in Childcare Centres

Redback spiders are common in Australia and are one of the most dangerous spiders as it can inflict a painful bite which can be fatal. They can be seen mostly in hot regions and as long as they have food to eat and shelter they will thrive! They live where humans are and can be seen in garages, human storage and sheds where no one can disturb them.

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Environmentally-Friendly Products

Now you can get rid of pesticides with environmentally friendly products that contain natural agents designed to keep pests and other insects away from your home and business specifically on plants, herbs and shrubs. The health of your family & pets can greatly benefit from using bio-degradable, enviro-friendly products.

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Summer Rodent Control

Rodents bite and are responsible for the transmission of a number of diseases. A person can get infected by rats either directly or indirectly. Direct transmission of disease includes exposure to rat feces that is infected, urine and bites or scratches. Indirect infection can happen through intermediate anthropod vector like ticks, mites and fleas.

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Summer is coming, and so are Wasps.

During summer season, you will notice wasps swarming around your home and they tend to be more active and aggressive this time of the year. Wasps build their nests outdoors under eaves, in the ground but can also make their way into your homes when they get the chance to build one especially if they gain access. It is best to contain or treat a nest in early spring or earlier in the year before they increase in numbers. Removing a wasp nest is possible however the possibility of sting dangers may still remain and wasps may possibly attack when their nest is disturbed or even destroyed. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times with each sting delivering excruciating pain. In some cases leading to hospitalization.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Melbourne

Pests are a huge problem to the staff at the warehouse, in the office and anywhere else wherever business is involved. Pests may hurt your brand reputation and can bring your business down. All it takes is a good pest exterminator that can protect your business and everything in between. Pattersons Pest Control is the solution to your pest problems; we have years of extensive experience and knowledge on how to control, terminate and solve pest issues. Our track record has been proven and tested to be the best in giving solutions and in keeping commercial spaces and businesses safe and pest free.

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What is Integrated Pest Management

Trying to understand Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management focuses on the long term effects of preventing pests from damaging homes and businesses. It uses a combination of techniques and holistic approach such as blocking up holes, habitat manipulation, biological control, cleaning areas, minimizing food source, door strips and cleaning up or clearing, reducing harbourage areas and other resistant varieties to control rodents and pests from invading areas of your home or business.

Pattersons Pest Control aims to remove and treat the target organism in order to control pests according to a standard guideline we follow. We use pest control materials that are safe to human health, the non target organisms and the environment. Read more